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Joie Hovel Work Series

A little space for yourself and someone else.

Joie Hive Meeting Booth

Maximum space efficiency, minimal hassle.

Joie Hovel Meeting Booth

Creating conversations.

Mov Series

Dynamic spaces to meet your changing needs.

Adjust Height-Adjustable Series

The creation of modern ergonomics.

Openo Series

For enhanced communication and collaboration.

Waltz Series

One system. Endless possibilities.

Paso Series

Set yourself apart from the rest.

Grandeur Executive Series

Elegance has never been so simple.

Waltz Conference Table Series

Simplicity, flexibility and practicality in this minimalist design.

Jazz Conference Table Series

Add a modern and contemporary look to any boardroom space.

MiMAX Series

Mix and match what suits best.

Waltz Executive Series

Simple yet classy.

Staco Series

Designed to effortlessly complement any space.

Openo Executive Series

Executive finishes for a personalised touch.

Grandeur Conference Table Series

Prestige and grandeur.

Snow Series

Adds minimalist charm to your workspace.

Drum Base Table Series

Supporting good conversations.

Forward Folding Table Series

Designed to keep you moving forward.