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Enjoy a delightful workspace – a conducive environment that contributes to both our well-being and work productivity, a space that conveys a sense of harmony and joy. 

Sometimes, you just need some me-time, or just a little more space for yourself and someone else. Enter the semi-cocoon and lean back. Enjoy the peace as the high backs block out noise and other visual distractions.

Singapore Good Design Mark 2019



Enter the semi-cocoon and lean back. Enjoy your own little space for focused work with the mobile desk exclusively designed for the Joie Work Series.

Stay Connected.

The Joie work sofas come with integrated power points for seamless and easy charging. Enjoy working the soft comfort of a sofa while using your device. Work and play in the comfort you deserve.

Lighten up!

Pick from 4 different frame colours, including our unique copper orange which can bring more warmth to your workplace!

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