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With longer hours spent at work, there should be an emphasis placed on improving ergonomics at the workplace. The Adjust height-adjustable table series is designed to do just that. Working is now not just about sitting in our chairs all day long; the Adjust height-adjustable table series allows us to get out of chairs while still allowing desk-bound work to go on.

This sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit movement lowers the chances of experiencing soreness or developing musculoskeletal disorders at work. Let the Adjust height-adjustable desks make your workplace a more joyful and productive one.


The healthiest way to work.

Getting out of your chair for short standing breaks throughout the day can reduce strain on your back while ensuring productivity goes on at the workplace. Adjust allows you to change your posture frequently and effortlessly.

Find your comfort zone with ease.

The programmable memory handset displays the actual height of the desk and stores up to 4 height presets for all of your sit-to-stand transitions. The intuitive programming allows you to make a quick, easy switch to your desired standing or sitting height with one touch of a button in just a matter of seconds.

Choose your ideal height.

The Adjust height-adjustable series can fit the tallest and the smallest person in the office with an adjustable height range from 637mm to 1280mm. 

Choosing the perfect size.

The Adjust series can come configured in a variety of sizes. Create different configurations according to your space requirements.

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