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A distinctive backrest adds a striking dash of colour, character and strength to any workplace. With your dream supporting you in every way possible, you are free to assert yourself with confidence and style.

The chair you have always wanted. Unique features include an in-built automatic balance mechanism that allows you maximum comfort without any need for tension adjustment, regardless of your body weight. Design makes all the difference in this simple yet sophisticated chair. 

So simple it’s like a dream come true. And it is.

Color options

The Dream chair intelligently adjusts the recline tension according to your body weight, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Armrests can be adjusted vertically to accomodate different arm lengths from the shoulder to elbow.

Adjust depth of seat to accomodate upper leg length, distributing weight evenly across seat cushion.

The backrest lock allows locking at an upright or comfortable reclined position

Dream Office Chair Technical Specification

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