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The keyword of the day is "collaboration". Working styles and patterns have changed, and so should our working environment too. With versatile and adaptable furniture, make the most of your office to create dynamic and effective spaces. For more inspiration and engagement, switch easily from formal to informal, or private to communal and vice versa. The Mov series of collaborative furniture is a unique hybrid of “me-space” and “we-space” for the office that will best meet your needs.


Mov Highback Sofa Collaborative Furniture
Privacy whenever you need.

The Mov high-back sofa gives you that visual and sound privacy you crave. With an extended back-rest, two sofas can be placed opposite each other for a private meeting area.

Mov Pouffe Collaborative Furniture
A different pouffe, a different vibe.

The Mov pouffe, a unique design inspired by the chess pawn. A versatile piece that goes well with your other office furniture. Place this pretty eye candy anywhere to create that magical spark.

Mov Table Collaborative Furniture
More than a table.

A unique design consistent with the rest of the Mov family, with matching fabric upholstered base for a soft look. Enjoy the option of an integrated power point with concealed cables to charge your mobile devices. Choose from two different heights to make it a coffee table or work table.

Mov Lowback Sofa Integrated Power Point Collaborative Furniture
Stay connected.

Mov sofas come with the option of integrated power points for seamless and easy charging. Enjoy the luxury of the sofa while using your device. Work and play in the comfort you deserve.

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