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Enjoy a delightful workspace – a conducive environment that contributes to both our well-being and work productivity, a space that conveys a sense of harmony and joy.

The key to this space is flexibility. Mix and match different elements of Joie for greater harmony between concentration and collaboration.


Meeting Booth for Privacy

For more privacy and formal meetings, settle into a thoughtfully-designed hexagonal meeting booth. The media wall allows a screen to be mounted to to facilitate presentations and discussions. Cables can be run and concealed effortlessly.

Stay Connected

The Joie work sofas come with integrated power points for seamless and easy charging. Enjoy working the soft comfort of a sofa while using your device. Work and play in the comfort you deserve.

Accessories Galore!

Declutter your space with a variety of accessories for Joie's panels, giving you more precious desk space. Magnetic whiteboards, planter boxes, document holders and even bag hooks – Joie has it all.

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