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Double the colour, twice the fun. Mix and match different fabric colours with Duelle. To ensure clean, crisp edges, painstaking effort has been put into upholstering this series.

Add a touch of fun to your office setting, collaboration or breakout area with Duelle. Up the fun quotient even more by pairing it with Doba.


Duelle - Geometry of stability and comfort
Geometry of stability and comfort

The playful nature of the Duelle is showcased by the visual play on geometry. Stability is provided by studying how best to put two shapes together, without compromising on comfort.

Duelle - Have fun with colours
Have fun with colours

Have fun with the Duelle with the myriad of fabric colour options available. Choose either tonal or contrasting colours to create the look you need.

A family of sizes for any setting

The Duelle comes in one, two or three-seater options. Mix and match any of these options according to your space or design requirements.

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