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With a multi-pronged approach in planning, design and production, we have moved on from an initial sole focus on chairs to creating integrated office environments. We recognized that ergonomic workplaces play a pivotal role in ensuring job satisfaction and productivity. By applying human-oriented design, we are here to assist you in planning an office best suited to your needs.

Our devotion to quality does not stop with product purchase. Each purchase is viewed as the start of a long-lasting relationship with our customers. Coupled with integrated facilities, our committed team works hard to earn and maintain your trust by looking out for your needs in the years ahead.

Design & Development

From Product Design to Space Planning Services

As we recognize that each office has its own unique work nature and social environment, we offer solutions that cater to specific considerations and needs. By taking charge of office planning, we can apply a holistic approach and play a bigger role in designing conducive and comfortable workplaces.


Complete Control

With full control of production, we are able to achieve consistent quality products in a short lead-time regardless of scale of the project. We can also produce identical office furniture models, years after they were first made, thereby achieving model continuity for our customers. This means when customers purchase office chairs in bulk and then expand their office several years later, the same chairs can be reproduced for them.


Quality Assurance

To ensure quality of chairs is not compromised, each product goes through 3 to 4 months of strict product testing by independent bodies (such as Singapore Productivity & Standards Board) before launch. All chairs come with recognized test certificates and we will only recommend products that truly meet your needs.


After Sales Servicing

We provide after-sales servicing to ensure the quality of your chairs are kept. With dedicated facilities for part-servicing, furniture parts that require replacement can be easily changed during maintenance, and the same chair is as good as new.


Adequate Stockpile

With approximately a total of 100,000 square feet of space in Singapore and Malaysia, we can hold stock in huge quantities. Should there be a delay in your project due to unforeseen circumstances, we are also able to store your orders temporarily till you are ready to receive them. The facility also allows us to have adequate stockpiles of chair parts. This enables us to efficiently carry out part-servicing for your furniture when needed.