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Benel was set up in 1988. In these 30 years we’ve been making and supplying office chairs and furniture, much has changed. A revolution, I would say. The work chair of today certainly looks very different from that of the 80s. It serves very differently too. The entire idea of the office has undergone a sea change—from the way businesses are run to concepts of what makes an ideal work place. 

In all of this, we’ve kept one thing constant: Benel has been from the get-go a specialist. We started as an office chair specialist; we were there when the first modern office chair was born, we marvelled at the revolutionary knee-tilt mechanism of the late 80s, and through the 90s, we watched the task seat evolve into the ergonomic chair and change the way we sat. The 21st-century pace of change is even faster; and we’re at the forefront looking at the latest innovative materials and new ideas of product development and sustainability

People often ask what it takes to be a leader in this industry. I’d say that’s how we have stayed in the game – Benel has always been focused on making office furniture that serves its purpose and the well-being. We’re a specialist brand – because only with dedication can a brand deliver excellent quality, the best of the times.

An Exciting Chapter

The company moves into its new space and a new generation of leaders takes over. Benel becomes a true one-stop office furnishing solutions company, offering products alongside an integrated consultancy and planning service.

A Complete Solution

With the introduction of Layton, MiMax and Ada, Benel adds sofas and system furniture to its catalogue. A new mix-and-match concept is offered, pointing Benel towards becoming a comprehensive 'one-stop' service.

Going Green

Benel joins the movement for environmental stewardship in its promotion of the clean and healthy workplace. It obtains the GreenGuard, a certification for products with low chemical emissions. 

Chair Maker / Idea Maker

The Freniq is Benel’s first in-house ideas-to-product design. Streamlined for sustainability, the chair is built from a minimal number of components and is easily disassembled thanks to the advanced moulding and precision tooling used.

Woven Wonders

After the spate of mechanical innovations in the past decades, the groundbreaking feature of the noughties is all about material. The mesh comes backed with modern design research and development that is focussed on new ideas of tensile support, heat dissipation, and breathability.


A Benel Icon

Benel introduces 3D moulded support in the Zein series. Structural yet organically shaped, it conforms to the contours of the human body to offer full support and comfort. Together with a bold upholstery design, the moulded support makes the Zein a standout in the collection.

Singapore Design Award

Benel receives the Singapore Design Award for the Virio, the predecessor to later best-selling chair, the Zein.


Crossing Borders

Benel starts production in its new 70,000sqft factory in Malaysia. With expanded capabilities, the company begins exporting to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, in addition to the US market it was already serving.

90s Synchrony

The 90s sees the first true ergonomic chair with the invention of the Synchronous Mechanism. Paired with the moulded chair backrest, the mechanism from Italy gives the office chair an unprecedented degree of flexibility and movement.

Top Seat

The Leather Boss is introduced. The chair features luxurious handcrafted European leather and a silhouette that foregrounds a new aesthetic for the executive office.

Set For Design Quality

Benel invests in its very first proprietary chair mould. The Hilken represents the company's early commitment to quality control.

Small Mechanism, Big Movement

The revolutionary Knee Tilt Mechanism is introduced in the Benel collection. The innovation popularizes the idea of dynamic seating in the late 80s and will come to be one of the most enduring foundational components in later office chair design.

Focused Vision

With the decision to be a chair specialist, Teo founds Benel to supply seating for the modern office. In this deskbound era, Benel will offer  chairs that foster comfort, corporate productivity, and welfare at the workplace.

The Founding Years

Benel was founded in 1988 but its true beginnings date back to an earlier time. Founder Teo Beng Ngo identified his passion for furniture early and started honing his craft in apprenticeships as a young man. In 1986, skilled in upholstery and furniture-making, Teo starts the company Gentle Sofa Maker to pursue his dream of being a furniture maker.