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  •        Safe distancing
     within your workplace.

    Light-weight and easy to clean acrylic shields – Opt for the no-hassle add-on screens and be ready to return to the workplace with a peace of mind.

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  • Working from home?

    Check out our online store for great deals now.
    Use code WFH30 for further reduction!

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  •        A visual and
       ergonomic delight

    Enjoy a chair befitting even top management and the most
    important of conference rooms.

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  • a collection of joie

    Enjoy a delightful workspace – a conducive environment
    that contributes to both our well-being and work productivity,
    a space that conveys a sense of harmony and joy.

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  • Encircled by comfort

    The all-encompassing comfort of a hybrid chair that allows
    you to enjoy the best of two worlds: the breathability of a
    mesh chair, as well as the sturdy support of a fabric chair.

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  •        The creation of
       modern ergonomics

                 Sit or stand at work with one touch of a button.

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  • Collaboration is the key to success

    The Mov series of collaborative furniture is a unique hybrid of “me-space” and “we-space”.

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Designed for rest as well as work, see how our collection caters to today’s diverse office environments.
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  • Play at Work - SingaPlural 2018 March 2018
    Benel exhibited an installation titled "Play at Work" at SingaPlural 2018. The concept has since been expanded into the Joie furniture series.

Our Recent Projects

Benel Project Image
Dreamscape Networks, a listed tech company on the Australian Stock Exchange, relocated its corporate headquarters to Singapore. Working closely with the client and their design consultant, Siren Design, we helped create workspaces that enables collaboration and complements the client's interior design concept. Furniture supplied were in a neutral grey palette as splashes of blue were used on the ceiling and flooring.